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I founded Round Bend Press in 2010 initially to publish my own writing. It soon evolved into a unique experiment destined to test the old edicts about how books might be produced and distributed. RBP now stands as a vanguard small press, one example of the uprising. A number of fellow authors who discovered RBP and decided they too wanted to publish their work under our banner have contributed to this lively catalog of books. What the authors have in common is a belief in printed books and the power of writing. They are beholden to printed books and to the allure of the new small- press dynamics--an important aspect of the future.

Terry Simons

Thursday, July 7, 2016

New Collection/Political Journalism

A collection of my journalism from the past twelve months.

These pieces cast a skeptic's eye at the folly of US politics, accentuating the 2016 primary season up to publication, and the inevitability of a Hillary Clinton presidency. (Er...Trump.)

If you don't like your opinions strong and condemnation of the corporate electoral process firm and unflinching, this may not be for you.

On the other hand, it may just be your tonic.

(Cover by Buddy Dooley.)

Kindle edition here.

(Cover painting by Charles Lucas.)

Terry Simons

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